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How It Works


YMS Handles All of Your Media Content

Whatever you create:

  • your award-winning photographs, along with an insightful video showcasing how you make it happen, or
  • an album of amazing music that everyone is raving about, or
  • an awesome independent film you want the world to see, or
  • any other media content that you're looking to showcase or sell, like podcasts, instructional videos, and stock photography.

With Your Media Sales, you can plug your creations into a customizable Media Player in minutes.

You Decide What To Do

Choose whether your content is free to enjoy or if you're looking for revenue. Here are some examples:

  • You can protect your full-size photographs with an automatic watermark, and then sell or license the non-watermarked download.
  • You can drop a couple singles, and then ask your fans to purchase the album.
  • You can showcase teasers and trailers, and then sell (or even rent) the full movie to your fans for a price you set.
  • You can also ask your fans to subscribe, for access to all of the work you create.

Your Media Sales is designed specifically to help you achieve creative success on your terms.

Also Perfect for Studios, Labels, and Organizations

You can manage content for a group of individual creators, allowing you to:

  • showcase and sell work from various creators within one or more YMS Media Players
  • manage your users, allowing some or all to edit their own YMS Profiles
  • maintain consistent promotion and pricing strategies across your portfolio of artists and their work

Your Media Sales is built for both small and large media groups, with features and membership plans that grow with you.

Featuring the Best Media Player in the Business

Photo | Audio | Video | Any Media
Customize Profiles, Sales Methods, Media Players, and ANYTHING ELSE!



Membership Plans

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Get a built-in Affiliate Program for your growing Media Company

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